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Bigger knew best

Sometimes it pays to become your older brother just ask roz weston, senior home theater reporter at global television's et canada.

Almost 10 rice, his brother richard suggested the two pool their funds to buy a starter home a condo townhouse in a subdivision off king st.West that we hadn't yet been built.

"At the outset, nothing attracted me to place, the gemini nominated producer and tv charm says. "It was purely economics because it was in our price.Muscle building moved down here, this part of king west was all industrial facilities.Had been barely street lights;It was really intimidating,

Larger, an movement director, got his way by arguing that the area was in the process up.

"Now it is one of the more expensive areas in the lower city, but at first there were nothing desirable to me, says the former radio character who once interned for american shock jock howard stern. "I did not want to move here at all, and now it is the best place to live,

The bros chose an upper condo in a three storey middle unit in the complex.They moved in seven yrs ago, and now share the space with richard's previous lady, photography leanna gosse, and a 1 yr old cat that has no name.

Weston's initial disdain for the site grew at first.After transferring, the brothers realized that some of the upgrades they had paid for including hardwood floors weren't in place.

Case followed, though with results that, lot to his chagrin, kept the laminate floors below his feet.Since then, weston has cautioned others who buy from floor plans to hire someone who knows excellent customer service during the site inspection process.

Contained in the main level front door is a tiny foyer with terra cotta ceramic tiles.Grey carpeted stairs with a middle landing resulted in the westons' unit.You will also discover stairs down to the garage, which houses two bicycles and a punching bag.

Near the top of the stairs is a second foyer and to the right is an open concept, l shaped living and dining area.The kitchen is behind.All have the extra, medium stained laminate floors.Your kitchen floor is done in the same terra cotta tiles as the downstairs entrance.

Also on this level is your bathrooms with white tile flooring, a washing clothing closet and roz weston's large bedroom.An original plans called for two small bedrooms, but he wanted a more substantial space.The bedroom has grey carpet and is in the rear of the unit, next to your kitchen.

The grey carpeted second floor master suite with ensuite belongs to his brother and gosse.It has a large impulse treated wooden deck with a white metal railing.

There's a similar but smaller deck off the front of your home, accessible through french doors in the den.

The walls are colorings of muted taupe by ralph lauren, with a lighter shade in weston's bedroom and a slightly darker shade in the restroom.Your master bedroom on the upper level has a greyer tone.

"There's amount of colour in the house, the montreal established, acton elevated weston says. "I don't like being in the middle of colour.When knowledge in tv, things are all colourful and i like low lighting and muted tones,

The brothers did the decorating them.Weston considers himself handy and it is proud of refinishing a dresser to match an asian style wall unit in his bedroom.

He's also handy with the food prep, dedicated slow cooked meats, and longs for a bigger culinary arts space.The small kitchen has white equipment, white laminate counter surfaces and medium stained cabinetry with brushed nickel knobs.

"The living room is the best because i live with my brother and we get along, according to him. "It is not a roommate situation;I actually love getting together with him and that's where we spend most of our time hanging out together.I do not ever want to live alone,

The home gym has a white wood/gas fireplace with a 48 inch lcd tv atop the mantel.The window treatments are off white, standing from wrought iron rods.Furnishings include two white fabric couches for lots of brown and green pillows.

Behind the couch area is a sophisticated black leather reading chair and a square block, dark wood end table with an advanced silver metal desk lamp.

We have a large, dark tarnished asian style, square coffee table selected at jalan on queen st.M.Under the coffee table is a retro wooden trunk. Another trunk acts as a side table beside theMost couches.

One can find two wall units:One is essentially a bookcase and the other is an old, small, armoire style piece with double doors that hide the stereo machinery.Displayed on both are asian Ralph Lauren Outlet UK themed household goods.

Colour and black and white photographs taken by gosse are displayed as art savings around your house.Weston's favourites hang in the lounge, and include artistic monochrome shots of him shaving his brother's head.

"There is a real picture over the couch, weston tells me. "Actually is of graffiti on a wall, absorbed in toronto.It is the best.

"My brother's girlfriend takes art down all the time because she likes to switch and it breaks my heart because i get so coupled to the pictures on the wall, i make her put rid of it up.She took down the graffiti view once and it killed me.In the picture you get someone wrote not my night.' I like it so much;It is such urban digital photography training,

After this year, the brothers will look to buy a victorian triplex in their now beloved king west vicinity.Plans are for him to exist in one apartment, his brother and gosse in some other, fantastic mother(Who now lives in far asian canada)To eventually make third.